Message from our Executive Director…

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly refreshed website. It is but one of many components in a new ‘Communications Program’ we are currently working on to enhance our communication with business members and the public at large. We wanted to get this new ‘Directory-Driven’ website launched as soon as possible and we thank you for bearing with us as we continue to populate content over the next couple of months.

In concert with Schif And The City, our new website management company partner, we will also be enhancing our social media channel engagement, quarterly e-newsletters and bulletins and ‘Quick News’ memorandums. In addition, our Board of Directors is currently reviewing the details to implement the new Communications Plan.

The Alberta Avenue Business Revitalization Zone is represented by 200 business from NAIT to Northlands along 118th Avenue. There are also many multicultural businesses and well known ‘anchor businesses’ . We are extremely proud of all our businesses whose owners and employees work very hard each day in offering products and services to shoppers.

We ask that you please help support our businesses, particularly in these challenging economic times. I know they will greatly appreciate it.

We hope you like our new website and welcome any and all suggestions by email:

Thank you.                                                                


Joachim Holtz, PMgr.

Executive Director