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Arts on the Avenue

Arts Habitat

Extract from the 2013/2014 Alberta Avenue Business Association Branding Alignment program:


"We will continue to play a supporting role to existing successful festivals and events and equip Businesses so they can capitalize on their success."


" We will support the Arts,which have been a significant part of the community's revitalization and is a Huge strength in the area."

Over the last several years our business association has been involved in various projects and initiatives including but not limited to the following:

2013/2014 Brand Alignment Program
Brand Alignment Program

City of Edmonton Façade Improvement Program
Facade Improvement Program

City of Edmonton Development Incentive Program
Development Incentive Program

  • We Believe in 118 Coalition
  • Shop Alberta Avenue....Shop Smart
  • Flower Baskets and Planters Project
  • Spring Street Sweep Project
  • Litter Pick up Project in concert with Capital City Clean Up
  • Summer PopUpMarket Rising Up Project
  • Flavors of the Avenue Brochure and Map project
  • Small Business Banking Seminar
  • Light up the Ave Project
  • Restaurant Consultant Workshop
  • 2010 Economic Impact Assessment Report on Alberta Avenue BRZ
  • AABA-Economic-2010 Report
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